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Beijing Normal University

Introduction to International Postgraduate Applicants


Beijing Normal University (BNU) is one famous key university with teaching and scientific research being rated as first-class in China . The university has a history of over 100 years, gaining support of the “211 projects” and “985 projects“. BNU welcomes applicants from international students from all over the world.


1.    Schools & Departments and Majors

BNU offers courses in a wide range of disciplines, as well as numerous specialized academic Masters and PhD programs. For details of specific majors offered, please refer to the lists of Masters majors and PhD majors. The university now offers a Masters degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages and English-taught Masters programs. For more details, please consult "Introduction to Beijing Normal University English-Taught Masters Programs" or visit our website at http://www.bnulxsh.com.


2.    Selection Criteria

Selection is based on a process of verification. Some schools and departments may wish to organize interviews after application documents have been verified. The purpose of the interview is to examine the applicant's professional knowledge about the chosen area of specialism, Chinese proficiency and their overall quality.


3.    Application Requirements

1)        Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens holding a foreign passport under 50 years old. Former Chinese citizens naturalized into other nationalities are required to provide certification of the cancellation of their Hukou and ID card; this certification should be issued by Public Security Bureau.

2)        Applicants for Masters degrees should hold a qualification which is equivalent (or above)to a Bachelors degree from a Chinese university. Applicants for PhD degrees should hold a qualification which is equivalent(or above) to a Masters degree from a Chinese university

3)        Applicants must have a high Chinese level. In principle, applicants for liberal arts degrees must hold at least a HSK level 7 (or above); applicants for science and engineering degrees must hold at least a HSK level 5 (or above)


4.    Required Application Materials

Applicants must first visit http://www.bnulxsh.com/graduate and complete the online application procedure. The following application materials should be posted to the International Students Office at BNU by June 15th each year:

1)        BNU Application Form for International Student (on completion of the online application form it must be downloaded and printed. Please stick the photo and ensure that the application form is signed by the applicant and his/her guarantor

2)        Recommendation letters from two associate professors or scholars with higher academic titles. There is no specified format for the recommendation letters and all letters must be signed by the referee

3)        Completed Personal Statement Form (Master Program, PhD Program) (Please download and print the form, this form should be signed by the applicant)

4)        Admission Approval Form (Master Program, PhD Program) (Please download and print the form)

5)        Applicants for Masters Degree programs should submit an original or notarized copy of their undergraduate academic transcripts and Bachelors degree certificate and graduation certificate (in Chinese or English)

Applicants for PhD programs should submit an original or notarized copy of their postgraduate results transcript, Masters degree certificate (in Chinese or English), and the Chinese abstract of their Masters degree dissertation

6)        HSK certificate and results transcript or other documents which prove the applicant’s Chinese language proficiency

7)        600 RMB Application fee

8)        Two passport-sized photos (with the name of the applicant and the college/department applied for written on the back)

9)        Photocopy of applicant’s passport (this must be a valid, ordinary passport)

10)     Please submit any published academic papers, patents, or other academic achievements (originals or copies)


*All documents should be written in Chinese or English

*Application materials and registration fee will not be returned to applicants


5.    Study Mode, Duration and Tuition

The study duration for academic graduate students (both Master's and PhD programs) is three years (full-time). Study Duration for Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages is 2 years.


Standard Tuition                                      (Currency: RMB)

Student Type

Half-year fees

One year fees

Academic Masters

(Arts) 13050,(Science) 16550

(Arts) 25300, (Science) 32300

Academic PhD

(Arts) 16550, (Science) 21100

(Arts) 32300, (Science) 41400

Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (Masters)




6. Contact Details:

The Office of International Scholars and Students' Affairs, Beijing Normal University, 19 Xinjiekouwai Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China (Postcode: 100875)

Telephone: +86-10-5880-0325/7986/8364

Website: Http://www.bnulxsh.com

E-Mail: [email protected]



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